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Our firm was founded in 1960 by Attorney Marcel SIOUFI, the former President of the Beirut Bar Association.

Our firm offers the highest quality legal advice, assistance and innovative solutions to its clients in Lebanon.

We are a team of dedicated and devoted lawyers who operate ethically and with integrity and collaborate to deliver the best results to our clients and help their business succeed.

We work with great passion and commitment to meet our clients’ needs. We consider the clients’ problems our own and we resolve it in an efficient way and in the best interest of the client.

Our independence from any external influence or conflict of interest is a cornerstone of our business.

Marcel Sioufi Law Firm is a member of SRDB Alliance, a multidisciplinary network created by SRDB LAW FIRM:

SRDB - New logo web blanc - EN - 1000x50


SRDB is an international law firm based in Paris. It was founded by Georges SIOUFI, member of the Paris and Beirut Bar.

SRDB assists public and private companies and decision-makers around the world. It has developed a multidisciplinary network consisting of lawyers, financial and tax advisors. As a member of SRDB Alliance, MARCEL SIOUFI LAW FIRM can offer, innovative solutions in the best interest of its clients in case of multidisciplinary issues.

SRDB Law Firm has offices in Paris, Marseille, Beirut, Tunis and partners in Algiers, Shanghai, Doha, Salalah, Abidjan, Luanda, Moroni, Yaounde, Kiev, Damascus, Casablanca, Accra, Istanbul, Riyad, Beijing, Muscat, Jeddah, Douala, Milan, Libreville, Brazzaville.Algiers, Damascus, Beijing, Doha, Abidjan, Comoros, Ukraine and Cameroon.








  • Negotiation & Drafting of Contracts

  • Joint-Venture Agreements

  • Infrastructure Projects 

  • Concessions & BOT

  • Public – Private Partnerships

  • Data Privacy




  • Corporate Buyout

  • Investment & Divestment

  • Due Diligence




  • Civil & Commercial Litigation

  • Arbitration & Mediation

  • Execution of Judgments & Arbitration Awards

  • Investment Disputes - ICSID Arbitration



  • Cargo and Hull & Machinery Claims

  • P&I and Insurance Claims

  • Disputes under Charter-Parties

  • Ships Arrest 

  • Sale & Purchase of ships

  • Pollution



  • Construction & Real Estate Transactions

  • Real Estate Tax & Environment

  • Real Estate Financing and Securitisation


  • Foreclosures & Bankruptcy

  • Insolvency Litigations

  • Distressed M&A

  • Cross-border Restructuring and Early Stage Restructuring


  • Corporate Governance & Compliance Issues

  • Antitrust & Competition issues

  • Anti-Bribery & Anti-Money Laundering 

  • International Sanctions

  • Audit & Self-Assessment


  • IP transactions

  • IP litigations



In 1960, the late Former President of the Beirut Bar Association, Marcel Sioufi, established “Marcel Sioufi Law Firm”.

Marcel Sioufi was born in Beirut in 1934. He is the son of, the late President of the Court of Cassation, Georges Sioufi. Marcel graduated from St. Joseph University of Beirut with a Lebanese Law Degree. Shortly after, he opened his private practice “Marcel Sioufi Law Firm” in Beirut in 1960.

Marcel was an accomplished and successful professional but always remained humble. He was known for his remarkable graciousness, generosity, wit and wisdom. He was passionate about his family, his work and life. His enthusiasm and exuberance were contagious and that’s why he was loved by many.

In 1981 and in 1983, he was elected member of the Council of the Bar Association, and was involved in the professional representation of lawyers. In 1984, following the Conferences of Geneva and Lausane, he was nominated member of the Committee on Constitutional reforms.

On November 19, 1989 he was elected the President of the Beirut Bar Association. Despite the civil war at that time in Lebanon, he called for justice, peace, independence, unity and democracy. Marcel was also well known for his human rights advocacy. During his mandate, he restructured and reinforced the Disciplinary Board at the Beirut Bar Association, to maintain the integrity of the legal profession and to safe guard the reputation of the Court. He also established the Health care insurance for the attorneys at the association.

In 1991, Marcel organized for the Arab Lawyers Union to convene, for the first time after 40 years, in Beirut after the civil war.  In 1997, he was appointed a member of the Law Reform & Legislation Commission.

After his mandate, he continued to promote justice, human rights, respecting the rules of law and abide by the moral & ethical principles of the legal profession. In 2015, he passed away in France.

Marcel has several publications. He contributed to the publication of the late honorable Judge Georges Sioufi's book “La Théorie Générale des Contrats et Obligations” (two Editions). He authored “Transport Gratuit en Droit Libanais et en Droit Français” that was published in Paris in 1965. Furthermore, Marcel wrote “La Cour de Cassation, Organisation et attributions, procedure et moyens de Cassation” in 1972 and subsequently updated this publication in 1993 and 1994.

Marcel's professional integrity and honesty are values that were transmitted to his colleagues at the firm. Today, these core values remain ingrained in every aspect of our law firm.



In our daily work we are committed to guaranteeing our clients the highest level of professional standards. Our sole goal is finding solutions for our clients. We interpret our work not as a simple external advisory but we consider ourselves our clients’ partners where trust is paramount in our business relationships. To achieve this goal, it is important for us to rely on certain shared values during the execution of our job, which identify our Firm in our cooperation with the client.

We supply concrete answers to concrete questions or situations. We analyse details and provide practical solutions that are comprehensible for the clients and that will generate the greatest benefit to them.

The close collaboration between tax advisors, auditors and lawyers allows us to elaborate solutions that take into account all aspects of every single case. In particular, when facing interdisciplinary issues, we are able to blend the know-how of each specialist into one unique solution.

We work with great passion and commitment to meet our clients’ needs. We consider the clients’ problems our own and we resolve them in an efficient way and in the best interests of the client. Our independence from any external influence or conflict of interest is a cornerstone of our business.





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